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Sarah Hussain at C.N. Tower Toronto

Samah Hussain at C.N. Tower Toronto

Group Photo at C.N. Tower


اقبال صغیر صدیقی کا انتقال


غالب کا کلام مختلف گلوکاروں کی آواز

 مثنوی فریاد داغ

دلِ ناداں۔ غالب
گلو کاروٹھل راؤ

ان کے دیکھے سے۔غالب
گلو کارجگجیت سنگھ

یہ نہ تھی ہماری ۔غالب
گلو کارہ چترا سنگھ

name: sultan jamil nasim


comment: Sherosokhan Canada ki   internet dunya ka pehla adabi  resala hay jo
adab ki roz ba roz honey wali sargarmioN sey aagah rakhta hai aur  mustaqil
unwanat key tehat adab ke sab hi shobooN per mushtamil hai jis ke liye
Serosokhan ke mudeer Sardar Ali Sahib mubarakbaad ke mustahiq hain.


Mon, 17 Apr 2006 18:19:07 +0100 (BST)


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Nazm_ kalim Hazique India


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Bradaram  Assalam O Alikum

yeh dekh kar achcha laga kay sher-O-Sukhan khoob se khoob tar horaha hai.

Tahum yeh dekh kar afsos huwa kay 2005 kay baad aapko koyee bhi ta-assur mausool nahin huwa. Yeh kami main poori kiyaey deraha hoon kay aap ki khidmat ki daad na dena aik trah ki bayfali hai


kalim Hazique



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visitor's comment



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Subject :  your website


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Respected Sardar Ali Sahib




I hope this email reaches you in good health and well being. I have seen your web site

and was very impressed that you have done lot of work to promote urdu. I appreciate your

commitment and hard work. you are an organisation in yourself and doing brilliant work.

congratulation to you.


My father professor Muzaffar Hanfi is also a well know Urdu poet and a writer of 80 books.

he is the second poet who has said most Gazals in the urdu history and has mentioned his

standard as well. First was Mir Taqi Mir and second is my father. I am enclosing his profile

and hope you will find interesting reading about my father.

Please let me know if I can be any helpful for you.



Parvez Muzaffar

48 sleaford Road

Hall Green

Birmingham B28 9QP 

Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 08:43:38 -0500 (EST)
From: Send an Instant Message "Baland Iqbal" <>  
Subject: Re: asalamoelekum...Dr.Baland Iqbal
To: "Sardar Ali" <>
Janab Sardar Ali Sahab, Adaab.
"Sherosokhan" Din ba Din Khoob sey Khoob ter hota jarha hey.Aap ki mehnat ore koshishoN ka samr...."Pur Kashish ore Khobsorat"..... Aap ki web designing ore editorial salahiyetoN ki daad na dena mery nazdeak eak adbi jurm ho ga....Aap afsanoN GazloN key saath saath adbi taqreabo ko bhee cover ker rheye hey..yeh qabil-e-sataeash Hey...bla shubha Canada ki urdu adbi fazha mey "sherosokhan" eak eham role ada ker rha hey. Aap mubarak bad qubool kejeye.Eak arz kerta chloN ...Kia fehrist-e-mazamin ore aap ka taruf Roman yah English key bajaeye urdu mey hi mumkin hey ?
Aap ki mazead kamiabioN key leye dil sey duwa go hooN...Yeh jadeda maqboliat ki manzeley tey kerta rhye (Amin)
Dr. Baland Iqbal
Winnipeg, Manitoba 

Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2005 23:31:10 -0500
From: "SM" <>  
To: "Sardar Ali" <>
Subject: Re: Internet Ya Jame jahaN numa
Mohtaram Sardar Ali sahib,
Salam e masnoon,

Thank you for your email. And thank you also for publishing my article. In fact I had forgotten about it and did not even know whether you had published it. But today I received an email from Mr. Hesham Syed, where he talked about my article and I got to know it was published. While going through your site and my article I noticed that your staff had taken extra care of coloring my text - that made it even more readable. Thank you once again. I hope your readers will find it interesting and useful.

I am currently researching another related topic - how to self publish / how to create an ebook.  Once I finish my work and write an article in urdu, may be you would like to look at it?

I noticed that your site is running as a sub site of ''  If in future you intend to have your own domain name ( for example : ) and your independent hosting - let me know if you need any help in that regard. I am a trained web designer ( is the site for my web designing company) and maybe I can be of assistance.

Best regards,

Shakeel Mirzza
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Subject :  visitor's comment

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Subject :  visitor's comment





name: Haamed Pasha Habibi




comment: As Salam Aly Kum


I had a chance to visit site in detail,

earlier I was just browsing.


It is a splendid work, compilation and linking several

literary (adabi

sites)thru one single point on web is not an easy task.


I must appreciate your idea and concept of aligning Urdu Adab (prose and poetry)

with Islam (religion) which is a good combination and ofcourse it a painstaking



Especially Allama Iqbal (kainat_iqbal.jpg)photograph and graphical presentation

of soem couplets.


May Allah Accept your efforts and readers are forced realise the truth of

hardships you faced probably while developing the site.


And I recommend all the readers to ask their family and friends to make use of

this available wealth of knowledge at few keystorkes.


Allah Hafiz


Haamed Pasha

Toronto  Canada

416 321 3134

From : N S Akhter <>
Sent : November 25, 2004 1:27:04 AM
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Subject : Cogratulations
Janab Sardar Saheb,
                                         Hearty congratulations for the introduction of the standered urdu magzine on the internet,
 I am from Buldana District the then C P and Berar..
I want to introduce a prominant poet of Buldana--Late Prof Mohammed Yunus  the aauthor of Inkeshaf.
I have written a satirical artile namely  ' Bander ki dum '
   and also composed a poemnamely Tpi Nama, aa humou cum satire.
                                                                Yours sincerely
                                                                      N,S Akhter
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Sent :  August 3, 2004 11:36:01 PM
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Subject :  Re: (no subject)
Dear  Sadar Ali Sahib     Thanks for the  email. I liked the web site.I  am going to Denmark on the invitation of Bazm e  Adab copenhagan on 6th Auhust and will inshallah come back on 22nd August, I will send the book on my return.Taake care of your health God bless you. Qamar Ali Abbasi
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Sent :  July 18, 2004 8:55:01 PM
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Subject :  Fwd: Urdu website
From: <>
Subject: Re: Urdu website
Sent: July 18, 2004 10:04:58 AM
Youn tou pehlay bhi mila zaher bhara jaam mujhay
Ab bhi "Suqraat" maira naam hai kaya araz karoun
buhat khoob, aur buhat shukriya yaad-aawari ka
Annie Akhter

From :  Mansha Yad <>
Sent :  June 10, 2004 8:05:03 AM
To :  "Sardar Ali" <>
Subject :  Re: Rastey Band HaiN
Janab Sardar Ali sahib ,aoa,
Main nay afsana bhi daikh liay tha aur shukria bhi ada kia tha. afsana bahuy achay tareeqay say display kia hay aur khaleeq ki nazmain bhi daik lee theen balkeh sab kuch aur logon ko bhi forward kia. bahut shukria. magar mari shukria ki pehli mail kiyon naheeN mili? Baharhal aik bar phir shukria .Insha Allaha aap say rabta rahay ga. Mansha Yad

From :  jawaid danish <>
Sent :  January 30, 2004 2:28:29 AM
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Subject :  Mubarak...Salamat...
Bhai Sardar ali....zindabad aur khushbash,
Qibla, aaj aapki site dekhne ka ittifaq hua aur dil o jan sarshar ho utha. subhanallah bohat acchi koshish hai, faqeer duago hai ke aapke kam ko istiqamat aur javidani, khudawand aata farmawe...ameen.
jald he ahqar bhi kuch hazir kare ga...gar qubool uftad...
wassalaam.Jawaid Danish

From :  kaleem zafar <>
Sent :  January 4, 2004 6:47:05 PM
To :  <>
Subject :  ASA
I just have visited your site, its a good work. If you want to put my ghazals on it please feel free to do it. I can give you my new ghazals and nazam whenever we meet next time.
kaleem zafar.

From :  syed yousuf ali <>
Sent :  March 10, 2004 9:08:18 PM
To :
CC :
Subject :  I was much impressed with your web site
My Dear Sardar M.Ali Sb,
    Hope you are fine,I was much impressed to see your work,how did you do it thousends miles far from urdu,s land. Now first I would like to introduce myself as a journalist from Karachi,Pakistan working with the second largest urdu newspaper daily "JURAAT" as Senior Sub Editor/ Inchrge Foreign Desk.
   I am also plying my own news agency PAK MEDIA CONSULTANTS here. Under which we make here full newspapers and magazine for our foreign clients.We are making here two weeklies which are bringing out from Los Angles names "PAKISTAN LINK" in English and "URDU LINK" in urdu.We make these weeklies here and send them through internet. Our clients send us english news they want to publish rest of mattar we select ourself. We are also working for two weeklies from Toronto,one is and old and fame and the other issued recently.
   The main reasons to write you this mail were to appreiciation for your work and secondly to inform you about our services.
    If you have need for translation work from English to Urdu,we could provide you immidiate service.
   I would try to talk you through telephone after your reply.
With best wishes

From :  Amjad Sheikh <>
Sent :  December 16, 2003 7:16:15 AM
To :
Subject :  nice website
As a active member of urdu developer community over the net, i would
                           like you to welcome on line.
                           You got lots of stuff, organization is not that bad( needs a better
                           organization) but all in all, its quite good
                           Mubarak ho.
                           Amjad Sheikh
From :  Amjad Sheikh <>
Sent :  December 16, 2003 7:53:26 PM
To :  Sardar Ali <>
Subject :  Re:
jnaab sardar shaib


Thats why i said that you have a good site, I am a web developer and designer for almost 10 years now. is just a part time hobby. thats why you are able to see the difference.

Please feel free to ask for help if you need.


Amjad Sheikh

From :  Jamal Ahmed <>
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Sent :  December 4, 2003 10:33:11 AM
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Subject :  assalam-o-alaikum

My dear sardar sahib tasleemat

 It’s nice and  very informatic websote  in urdu. Please accept my heartiest congratulations on this event. A fan of Urdu from Toronto Mississauga. Jamal Ahmed.